PK-PD modeling of continuous and categorical data

The Uppsala Pharmacometrics group is happy to announce a NONMEM Intermediate Workshop on Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) modeling of Continuous and Categorical data. The Uppsala group has been involved in developing NONMEM models and methodology for over fifteen years and has extensive experience in development of models and methods for modeling continuous and categorical data in a wide range of disease areas. Several research projects have focused on the building of PK/PD models for continuous and categorical data and evaluating methods and model building procedures for continuous and categorical data analysis. In parallel, diagnostics for model building have been developed, evaluated and integrated into the software Perl-speaks-NONMEM (PsN) and Xpose 4.

In this course the Uppsala group will present modeling strategies, techniques and implementations (using NONMEM) for the handling of PK and PD information in population models. PD models for continuous data as well as binary, ordered categorical, count, and time to event data will be discussed. The course will also include methods for graphical evaluation of continuous and categorical PK/PD models. The course will consist of both lectures and hands-on computer exercises using NONMEM VI, PsN and Xpose 4.

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Name: PK-PD modeling of continuous and categorical data   Location: St. Petersburg
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