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Kicki Fellstenius


My name is Kicki Fellstenius and I am a dog psychologist and run Glada Jyckar, a dog training company. We conduct courses and private training for dog owners. We are a total of eight instructors and we start about 20-30 courses per month at various locations around Stockholm. We value our customers highly and want to give them the best possible quality, both in terms of competence, service and administrative procedures.

We handle all our bookings of both courses and private lessons via and thanks to the scale of our course operations we would never manage the administration on our own. has tailor-made solutions for us, both in terms of courses and private lessons.

On the one hand, it is basically a good booking system. But above all, we have received fantastic service and help in developing tailor-made solutions so that the system suits our business.



My name is Maria-Pia Anderloni and I am Head of the Sigtuna Foundation. We have two business sections – a nonprofit page that contains education, research and culture and a commercial section – Hotel and Conference. Within our nonprofit, we have a large program business…

Maria-Pia Anderloni Sigtunastiftelsen

My name is Camilla Antonsson, I have been running the Pure Ski Touring brand since its inception in 2009. We arrange summit tours around the world where the top tours are only guided by mountain guides. Dinkurs enables our business to offer our guests good…

Camilla Antonsson Pure Production

I have been active in cycling for over 50 years in various roles.The last 20 years as event manager for the bike exercise race Ringsjön Runt in Höör. I am also Deputy Chairman of the Skåne Cycling Association during the same time period, before that…

Alf Frithiof Skånes Cykelförbund - Ringsjön Runt

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