Free event at no charge


Use our system free of charge

If you organize events that are free for the participant, we do not think it is reasonable for our system to cost anything. The same is true for those who donate all or part of the merit to charity.


Manage ia eventry.com

For your free events, the eventry.com portal is for you. This portal is created to give you as an organizer maximum dissemination of your event. We are constantly working with search engine optimization and search engine marketing to make your events as visible as possible.

No charge for charity

We would like to support all forms of charity and have a special program for you that devotes  your events to charity. You can make full use of the system and also the advanced features available at dinkurs.se.

To receive the charity package you need to contact our customer service who reviews your organization and events.

Go to eventry.com to register and get started with a free event.

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