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Our participant management system simplifies and gives you more time for other things

Events, meetings, courses or competitions, no matter what you gather participants for, we have the functions ready to make it easier for you.

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Vouchers and Discounts


Great tools to get more participants

Coupon sites are a rapidly developing concept which is being used by many people all across the world. It’s no wonder that so many people scour these sites to find the absolute best in deals and options.


Today, coupons are an integral part of our daily lives. Indeed, we have all already experienced in store a discount on the number of our purchases, benefited from -50% on the 2nd item, or a discount coupon on our next purchase.

In signupmanager. and eventry. we have many ways of creating discount codes, gift cards and vouchers. There are many standard ways that we support and we can also set up an unique and custom discount system.

With the value codes it is simple to trace the campaign source. You can in the campaign present a code that gives you some discount. Then you can in a very easy way measure what campaigns that has been worth spending your money on.

How about vouchers and gift cards then

It can be quite handy both to sell and to hand out gift cards. You can also combine codes and cards in a pretty smart way. Lets say that in the end of the event you hand out value codes that is valid to buy a gift card.

An popular way of dealing with gift cards is to hand out them at the end of the event and tell the participants to hand them out to their friends. That is an easy way to get the words out on the streets about your company and your events.

Set up the discounts

To set the discounts up there are a user friendly interface and it should be quite straight forward.  When you are a user of signupmanager. our integration experts will help you all along the way if needed.

Read more about setting up discounts and vouchers



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