Alf Frithiof


I have been active in cycling for over 50 years in various roles.The last 20 years as event manager for the bike exercise race
Ringsjön Runt in Höör. I am also Deputy Chairman of the Skåne Cycling Association during the same time period, before that Vice Chairman of the

Swedish Cycle Association.
Together with the Skåne cycling clubs, Skåne’s Bicycle Association is about 40 to the number of those who have been organizing Ringsjön Runt since 1967.

I came into contact with Din Kurs 2015 for help with the registration process where we did not have a good and simple system.
For the first time since 1967, you could now register on the internet with Din Kurs system and also pay the registration fee.

This saved us a lot of manual work.

The best thing about Din Kurs is that they are very responsive to our requests for changes to the system.
In many cases, we now have a system that is adapted to our needs and is constantly evolving.
It is very quick and easy to get in touch with the support who usually has answers to our questions.



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