For free events where you do not need to integrate forms on your own website, there is Eventry.

The Eventry platform can also list events (with an advanced search function) that are set up on Din Kurs, Eventry can also list forms from other platforms.

Forms created on Eventry are free of charge (except for the cost of whether there is a participation fee with cards and Swish as payment methods)


Displayed on the event portal eventry. for free.


Simplified event management.
Eventry is a comprehensive event list for marketing and administration.
Eventry adapts events to their audience.

For more information how to create clear, easy forms and how to get started with event-registration, contact us:
Phone 010-1010310
Email: support(at)dinkurs.se

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    Before the Form Event description

    Here you enter information about the event such as location, time and costs. It is important to be as informative as possible but still brief so that there will be no misunderstandings and misrepresentations to handle afterwards


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