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What's included

Din Kurs and Eventry contains a wealth of features, tools and services developed over more than 15 years. Here are some of the most popular.


Advanced and simple to use registration form

Our registration forms are fully customizable. You can tweek everything from fields to form and color.

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Charge The Participant Directly

Get the participant to pay their fee directly upon notification with VISA / Mastercard.

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Sell Tickets

Make your event a little more genuine with selling tickets attached in the confirmation email as a PDF.

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Focus on business and Finqr focuses on invoices

När kort och Swish inte fungerar som betalningsmetod , erbjud då faktura med bevakning. Finqr hanterar utskick av fakturor, avstämning, utbetalning och påminnelser. Ni kan därmed lägga mer tid på det som ni tjänar pengar på.

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Pure Ski Touring

Pure Productions AB owns the summit tour brand Pure Ski Touring which arranges summit tours around the world

Glada Jyckar

Glada Jyckar is a dog training company in Stockholm. They run courses, lectures and private training for dog owners.


Region Stockholm's Sports and Wellness Association (RSIF) is a non-profit collaborative body for sports and wellness associations


Plogga and plogging two words that since 2016 have quickly taken root among exercisers and have become an organized movement


The Sigtuna Foundation has two parts of the business - a non-profit site that contains education, research and culture and a commercial part - Hotel and conference.

The look and feel

Here are some examples of what it might look like for you as an organizer. You integrate forms and lists on your own website and the participant does not leave it to register.


Well balanced forms

The foundation in signupmanager. and eventry. are the forms. Since we started, our forms have…

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Event list on own website

Registration form on specific pages. Choose which forms to display on specific pages on your…

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Displayed on the event portal eventry. for free.

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