Deluxe dog training

Glada Jyckar is a dog training company in Stockholm. They run courses, lectures and private training for dog owners. Glada Jyckar has a total of eight instructors who start between 20-30 courses per month around Stockholm. All to train so that the dog becomes harmonious and works better in everyday life.

For Glada Jyckar, we have developed a function for private booking to easily publish when there are free times and for which instructor.
We have helped to create special lists that show specific events which are then integrated on the relevant page at Glada Jyckar. Furthermore, we have also helped to create lists that show specific places and events at those places.

All to make it easier for participants to find relevant and current events with correct information so that they can more quickly complete their registration for imaginary events.
Glada Jyckar knows that we provide answers to their questions with a solution that helps to spend more time on their own business.

More about Glada Jyckar (Swedish)


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