World-class summit tours

Pure Productions AB owns the summit tour brand Pure Ski Touring which arranges summit tours around the world where all summit tours are only guided by certified IFMGA mountain guides (International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations)
The organizer wanted a participant management system that was flexible with both the layout and the structure of the forms. That each travel form takes in the necessary information from the participants so the trip can be completed.

The appearance of the forms has been adapted to the layout of the customer’s web and is embedded on their page for easier registration. If the participants want to get in touch quickly with the organizer’s customer service, just reply to the confirmation email and the organizer can easily return with an answer. We have also adapted so that the fee is divided into a partial payment and late payment of the remaining part when it starts to approach time for the trip.

In the same way that the organizer has reliable guides who take the participants safely through the entire journey, we at Din Kurs have a customer service that helps with the forms, participants and customizations on the customer’s web. What is needed for the customer to feel safe and get a good relief with their participant management.

More about Pure Ski Touring (in Swedish)


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