An attractive sports association for 50 years

Region Stockholm’s Sports and Wellness Association (RSIF), formerly Stockholm County Council’s Sports Association (SLIF) is a non-profit collaborative body for sports and wellness associations that is aimed at all employees within the Stockholm Region and which enables Region Stockholm’s employees to participate in health promotion activities in their spare time. .
Your Course has helped Region Stockholm’s various sports and fitness associations that members have gained access to events that are either linked to their own association or events under the auspices of RSIF.

RSIF uses the option to restrict an administrator account so that the user can only see events, participants and invoices that are relevant to them.
The Stockholm Region’s Sports and Wellness Association itself is a super user and then each association is a user that is limited so that they cannot see other associations’ events. The entire business gathered in one account.

Furthermore, we have also helped RSIF to limit who can register for their events. When a membership is dissolved to an association, the member is given access to events in their own association and events that are linked to the organization. In this way, unauthorized persons are restricted from registering for the events. When the events are created, they are either linked to a specific association or that it is open to the entire organization.


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