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The Sigtuna Foundation has two parts of the business – a non-profit site that contains education, research and culture and a commercial part – Hotel and conference. For the Sigtuna Foundation’s non-profit part, they have a large program activity containing courses, seminars under their own auspices and together with partners. The Sigtuna Foundation also has a large cultural activity with, among other things, concerts, author meetings and cultural weekends and within their research activities they have, among other things, international research conferences that are held both at the Sigtuna Foundation but also around the world.

In a flexible way, the Sigtuna Foundation wants to be able to receive applications and give the participants the opportunity to pay with a card or invoice, which is created automatically. This makes it easier for the Sigtuna Foundation as they previously handled the payments manually. Creating participant lists easily and smoothly from the system is a flexible function and also being able to send tickets to the participant facilitates the handling.

Their Hotel and conference part also uses Din Kurs, so the Sigtuna Foundation can offer the opportunity for “larger conferences”, that you can register and pay directly, this makes it easier for the organizer of the conference, and the Sigtuna Foundation thus avoids invoicing each individual participant in arrears, which saves time and is good for cash flow and simplifies work so the Sigtuna diocese can spend time and energy on other things than administering!


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