Free Din Kurs Webinars

We have webinars for both curious and beginners to advanced users.

Book a webinar, we will go through the system and give you answers to questions and concerns.

All to give you an understanding of how our participant management system can simplify your participant management

To the Beginner

Start-up for organizers

The most basic thing about the system is to create an amazing form
A review of the functions for creating forms, so participants pay their registration and how the money comes into your account.

For a more detailed walk through

Immerse yourself in the functions of DinKurs

For example of things we go through: Create your own questions, Send sms, build your own participant lists, create more users for the account

DinKurs Webinars

DinKurs Webinars is a free system for you who are curious to know and learn about participant management. We offer you seminars for you where we explain, show you, and also help you with the work on participant management. In addition, we offer a lot of in-depth study in different parts of our system. Are you a beginner, curious? So just register today. However, we have two different types of webinars. One is for a demo of DinKurs participant management and the other is for you who already use DinKurs or who need a little more basic knowledge.



  • A demo of Din Kurs participant management: Perfect for you who are a beginner – or for someone curious about Din Kurs’ basic functions, appearance, and integration possibilities.
  • Din Kurs participant management for organizers: For those who already use Din Kurs or need a little more than basic knowledge. In this webinar, we show functionalities that are a little beyond the basics and also how you can streamline your administration. We also talk a bit about statistics and marketing




About the system of DinKurs Webinars:

Appreciated by the organizers as one of the reasons is that their views and wishes since the beginning have contributed to the development of our participant management system. A system that is constantly being developed and improved. It is now used by thousands of organizers with areas of use ranging from the workplace’s breakfast meeting to competitions and training with the majority of customized questions. In other words, the system helps the organizers with their events where it is necessary to collect the participants’ information to carry out the event. We continue to develop the system so that more customers will have more time for other things

This system, therefore, contains a lot of functions, so do not hesitate if you have questions about something that is not clear or if you are wondering about other functions. Do you perhaps have a wish list and launch in our system where you least expect it? Then just give us a signal and we will talk more about ideas and answer your questions why not join us today?


DinKurs Webinars



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