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Our participant management system simplifies and gives you more time for other things

Events, meetings, courses or competitions, no matter what you gather participants for, we have the functions ready to make it easier for you.

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Focus on business and Finqr focuses on invoices


A safer choice for your invoices.

When card and Swish do not work as a payment method for participants, then offer invoice with security. For your safety, we collaborate with Finqr with invoice monitoring which reduces the risk of standing with unpaid invoices. Finqr handles the sending of invoices, invoice reconciliation, payment and reminders. You can then spend more time on the things that you earn money on.

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Smooth invoice generation

The participant enters invoice information and either their social security number or the organization number (and GLN) when they register
Based on the information at the time of registration, the invoice is sent either as a PDF via e-mail or as an e-invoice to the recipient’s financial system.

Easy administration.

Once started with Finqr, Finqr works in secret. You handle most of the handling of participants and invoices in your admin account at Din Kurs and do not need to log in to Finqr.
Via Din Kurs you can do among other things:
-Take the settlements from Finqr
-Look at the invoices and save them locally
-Credit the invoices

Reconciliation of invoices and reminders

Finqr reconciles the invoices every weekend weekday and pays the invoice in full to you at the next banking day.
Finqr handles overdue invoices as follows:
– Notification of overdue invoice is sent out 2 days after the due date.
– Reminder fee will be sent out 7 days after the due date.
– Debt collection claims is sent out after 30 days after the due date.
Then you decide what to do with the unpaid invoice.
Unpaid reminders and debt collection fees can be handled by Finqr with a post-invoice or you can write them off and Finqr deducts that cost on future payments.

Costs and agreements.

The costs are 2.8% of the amount, minimum SEK 19 / invoice and maximum SEK 39 / invoice, also applies to credit invoices. The actual cost of invoice monitoring is invoiced by Din Kurs on a monthly basis (if there are any invoices). The agreement you sign with Finqr does not bind you to anything but is about ensuring that Finqr can handle your money and that you are entitled to it. Prices excl. VAT

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