Beach volleyball and charity

2000 was the first year for what has today become a tradition when the square in Ödeshög by Lake Vättern was filled with sand and Bech volleyball was played.
The years have passed and the business has grown with several competitions (2022 there will be around 40) in more places during the summer (as well as some indoor competitions in winter).

Usually tournaments are arranged at summerhouse and at several festivals, it is really nice that Beach Aid have also been on site during the Swedish Championships week, we have then arranged competitions that the spectators have been able to participate in.

The start-up fees that BeachAid receives go in full to various charities, first and foremost through the aid organization “Ge för livet”.
Behind that organization are three Christian denominations – the Equmenia Church, the Swedish Alliance Mission and the Evangelical Free Church.
Via the organization’s local contacts that are located around our world, exactly where the need for help is greatest and the help makes a difference. For a few years now, we have been sending 10% of the start-up fee to “Beach volleyball against cancer”.

Since the start in 2010, the beach volleyball tournament’s registration fees have meant that BeachAid has been able to send over SEK 2 million to charity.

Beach volleyball Aid has survived the pandemic and is also arranging several charity tournaments this year, including during BeachAid Camp and BeachAid Week at Bödagården on Öland, where an arena with 18 playing fields is being built.

BeachAid has the motto “Have fun in the sand and help people at the same time”.

As it is a charity that BeachAid conducts, Din Kurs sponsors both the cost of the registration forms and the cost per participant. BeachAid uses Din Kurs payment system to charge for the participation fee with cards (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro) and Swish Handel. By form, BeachAid chooses any payment method and then it’s ready. No own agreements that the organizer needs to sign. Just create your account, set up a registration form, choose payment methods and then it is ready to let the participants register and at the same time pay the participation fee.


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