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Plogga and plogging two words that since 2016 have quickly taken root among exercisers and have become an organized movement, the word plow is included as the new word of the year 2017 and was described as “Jogging is what exercisers usually do. But combining it with picking up rubbish has become a new trend called plogga. ”, A movement started by Erik Ahlström who, among other things, has a passion for outdoor activities, health and the environment.
Taking outdoor activities one step further by taking a look at land and the environment and picking up rubbish that has gone wrong and putting it in a sack or bag to finally be placed where it belongs in recycling. It is just as easy to walk, skateboard, cycle, swim or wheelchair, all ways to get around work just as well. Plogga is a change of attitude and plowers are proud garbage collectors who do something for our environment and health before it is too late.

From an obviousness by Erik Ahlström that rubbish does not belong in forests or land, usefulness with pleasure has led to Plogga being organized and getting out into the community and spreading to all continents and practiced in 45 countries that are constantly expanding in number .
The benefits are many with the philosophy behind the plug.
There will be an increased recycling
That it gives us more fresh air
Reduces the load on the environment and increases exercise

Plogga can be done individually and in corona-protected companies of all ages, no one is too young or too old

Din Kurs has had the honor of collaborating with Plogga to initially help structure and organize their membership management and there is a call away to help with participant management for workshops and lectures.

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