Well balanced registration forms

The foundation in signupmanager. and eventry. are the forms. Since we started, our forms have been used over 1,000,000 times. We can not emphasize enough the importance of a simple and easy-to-understand form.

If it is too complicated, there is a risk that the customer will not be able to complete his purchase and if it is too easy, you as the organizer will not get all the information you need and you must ask your customer for additional information. All in all, this means that you have to carefully consider what you have in your form. In addition, we have the rules in the GDPR where the goal is not to request more information than you have to.

Signupmanager and Eventry has over 15 years of experience in creating effective forms and we are more than happy to help you to create the perfect forms for your events. Here we present some examples of what it can look like.

Information page before showing the form.

Before the Form
Event description

Here you enter information about the event such as location, time and costs. It is important to be as informative as possible but still brief so that there will be no misunderstandings and misrepresentations to handle afterwards

Step 1
The form

The appearance of the application form can be customized to your website and the content can be varied greatly. But a couple of fields are compulsory such as first name, last name, email and to a certain extent mobile numbers since all communication with participants takes place digitally.

Showing the confirmation page before saving the registration

Step 2
Confirm information

Before the participants are sent on to the chosen payment method, they get a chance to review and confirm or go back and update their information.

Standby waiting for swish payment

Step 3

Depending on the payment method chosen for the participant, the payment step will look different. In case of swish payment, a payment slip is sent to the participant’s swap card. If the participant has chosen swish as the payment method or if the organizer has only swish as the payment method, the participant must enter mobile number at the time of registration. But they must also have active swish account on the mobile number they enter.

The registration is complete. Showing confirmation page

After Form
Confirmation page

After registration and payment has been completed, the participant will proceed to confirmation where they can take the opportunity to advise the participants how to get to the event in the best way. Links to your latest pod while promoting your partners. please be extra clear about how the participants can contact you with questions about the event. This does much to increase participant confidence and satisfaction.

For more information how to create clear, easy forms and how to get started with event-registration, contact us:
Phone 010-1010310
Email: support(at)dinkurs.se

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