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Our participant management system simplifies and gives you more time for other things

Events, meetings, courses or competitions, no matter what you gather participants for, we have the functions ready to make it easier for you.

Try one event at the Standard version where you get a free trial event ($25 discount).


Unlimited help via chat and email


We are with you from beginning to end

Even before registering as an organizer with us, we are here to answer your questions. With over 15 years of experience in participant management, we know that it is difficult for you as an organizer to choose the right system for your particular business. There are many systems to choose from and finding a system that exactly matches your needs can be difficult. With our long experience we can quickly identify your needs and then also adapt our system to you.


We’ll help you get started

Learning a new system can sometimes be a little tricky and learning to use a system to its full potential can take a long time.

That’s why we help you get started, if you wish. To make this as optimal as possible, we do this by putting together the first event. This is done via telephone or an online meeting. Then we look at everything you may need and can answer all the questions you may have when you are new.

Lastly, we also help you to integrate forms and event lists on your website at no cost.

We are here during office hours

If you need help, you can chat with us or send us an e-mail.
Monday through Friday between 08:30 and 15:00.

Click on contact us in the menu for our online chat.

Email: support (at)
Phone: (46) 010-10 10 340

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