Events listed at Eventry


Maximize your opportunities for full events

As an organizer, you want as many people as possible to find information about the events. We have therefore created a portal for organizers to publish their events. Whether you use signupmanager. or eventry. you have the opportunity to appear a little extra through the automatic publication on eventry.com


Own company profile

On eventry. your company gets its own profile page where your events are published. You can categorize your events into different lists all in order for the participant to quickly and easily find the right event.
On your site you can publish information about your company, upload logotype and profile picture.

Maximize your searchability

From eventry. the visitor can easily share your page and your events. Everything that happens here is logged and you can get statistics on the activity here.

We take great effort in maximize the searchability on eventry. and the listing will help you to rank higher at the search engines and you will be more visible than your competitors.

It is free for anyone to publish their events at eventry. but you who have participant management service via signupmanager. and eventry. comes higher in the rankings in searches at Eventry.

Visit the eventry.com site.

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